Office Cleaning Jobs – What’s the Pay?

For a single UK office cleaning job, there’s a corresponding amount for a salary. It all depends on the place you work at as well as the specific UK office cleaning job you do. If for example, it’s a company you do a UK office cleaning job at, it will be very different from an office cleaner job working for a cleaning contractor.

In any situation, you have to take stock of the duties and responsibilities of being in a UK office cleaning job. First of all, it’s the office cleaner’s job to keep the building running. Usually at the end of the work day, people doing the UK office cleaning job come to work. Garbage bins are emptied, the carpets are vacuumed, the building fixtures are repaired, the floors are mopped, the furniture are dusted. From this fact, you can understand that there are many people working the UK office cleaning job at night. There is a handful though that does their jobs during the day. A UK office cleaning job can also be as extensive as to include some carpentry duties, plumbing or electrical duties.

The more skill and the more work you need to do in the UK office cleaning determine how much you can get in a day. If you get employed in a large and established company based in the big city, you can have a very high salary and even have good benefits along with that pay. For small companies, you can expect a slightly lower pay because there won’t be so much cleaning to do as their offices might be in small buildings or even just one unit. While you’re working in the UK office cleaning job, you can also get a supervisory spot. If you’re the senior office cleaner, you have a slightly higher salary.


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