Office Cleaning Jobs: What Can I Expect?

A career in the cleaning industry is not necessarily difficult to enter, but it does require work. It isn’t always the expectations of light sweeping and mopping and a little dusting with the reward of a crystal sparkling business and a decent paycheck at the end of the week. It is hard work that requires endurance.

What you can expect with an office cleaning job is appreciation- provided you perform well. Cleaning is a necessity that business owners depend on. It is a job that usually requires twice a week cleaning or weekend cleaning. It is tough work, but it is very rewarding. And, although the benefits are not always there, there is always room to climb the ladder.

Many office cleaning businesses do provide benefits such as medical and dental but many do not. The advantage that all of them offer, however, is the training. With proper training and experience the doors are open to excel in the industry.

Most companies provide training. The training normally consists of video training and on-site training.  Most cleaning companies provide their own cleaning supplies and vacuums and the only requirement for you is to dress appropriately and perform your best. Office cleaning typically starts and the back of the building and the employee works there way up. You begin with dusting the cobwebs from the ceiling and work down. All countertops, light fixtures, faucets, floors etc. After you have completed one site you typically go to another and do the next. At the end of the day you go back to the office and turn in your supplies, dirty towels and vacuum.

Where you can find an office cleaning job:

Office cleaning jobs are a great career choice for young mothers and individuals with little education. It is a job that is respected and it is one that climbing the ladder is possible as well as beginning your own

First, start by accessing the classifieds in your daily newspaper. This is an easy reference to get a list of all available opportunities.

Phone book: Search the phone book for companies that are in your area. Jot them down on a piece of paper with their telephone number and address.

Internet: Perform a Google search for “Office Jobs UK”. You will discover that many opportunities come up. There are many online employment sites that advertise through the Internet.

Janitorial Supply Stores: This is a great place to find out what is available. Often times the store owners and associates are quite close with their clients and know who needs what and who is looking for what.  Most janitorial supply stores also have bulletin boards where customers post ads.

Once you make your list- call. Discuss with the owner why you are interested in an office cleaning job.  Ask to submit an application. When you submit your application make sure to dress appropriately.


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