Office Cleaning Jobs: What Salary Can you Expect

While office cleaning jobs in the UK are often entry level, wage there is an advantage. This is a career that you can head somewhere with- and somewhere big. Office cleaning jobs require will power and muscle and eventually take you right into your own career or into a major corporation, the school district, or medical facilities all of which pay very nicely.

Entry level wages in the UK for a janitorial position in the school district begin anywhere from £11 to £13 an hour.

Entry level wages in the UK for a janitor in a medical facility such as a hospital begin anywhere from £13 up.

And, as for your own business, that can be the best profit of all. Office cleaning jobs have the advantage of working when no one is around. You typically work after or before hours and on weekends. For those that do eventually choose their own business the profit is high. Typically there is a minimum charge per hour which can be anywhere from £11 to £30.   Overhead is relatively low if you work out of your home. You simply have yourself or a few employees that you work with, a vacuum and some cleaning supplies and you are set for the job.

Additional benefits of operating your own business are that you also have tax deductions: the wear and tear on your car, gas, supplies and a portion of your home and utilities can be deducted in your yearly taxes.

For many that do not have a high level of education it is a means to create a future. And, one that entry into is simple. The only education required is training which is typically provided by the company through videos and on the job experience.


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